Hi there.


I'm Becky, a People Development leader focused on developing management capability, building leadership skills, and fostering a growth mindset throughout an organization.


Given my line of work, I often find myself answering development questions like: I'm having issues with my manager, what should I do? How do I get my first job out of college? What can I do to take my career to the next level? How do I manage a low performer? I want to change career paths, what's the best way to think about this?


So in the spirit of teaching and learning, I'd love to provide you with some free advice to help you develop yourself and/or those around you. The more people understand and care about people things, the more Good People there will be in this crazy world.


Submit your people-related question and I'll answer it, to the best of my ability, on Medium. If you leave your email, I'll let you know when I posted a response.